Madchild Battle Axe Warrior – Drake, Swollen Members and Canadian life | BREAL.TV

Canadian rapper Madchild from Canadian rap group Swollen Members, discusses his beginning and the new Canadian movement in the music industry.


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  1. When swollen where in switzerland the crowd wasn't maybe that huge but it was by far the most intense of all i've been especially prevails freestyle jeez that was some crazy shit man, like really crazy af you could not imagine from a song (Edit: this was some really next lvl shit man just brutal i needed to add this he should get more fame i mean srsly). jesus christ i hope i'm not just tellin shit bc i was high af but i'm always high on a concert sooo.. and i mean that was on that openair when cypress was there aswell the crowd was bigger logically but the power was for sure more on the swollen one. Prevail even crowdsurfed jesus christ xD crazy shit 😀

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