Madchild – Colombian Smoke

Madchild “Colombian Smoke” is the newest single and avaiable on Spotify and iTunes. “The Darkest Hour” is available for now online at or the limited edition vinyl version online at


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  1. Thanks to everyone that left a comment and continues to bump this track. People seem to love this track and I'm gonna add it to my set for this Canadian tour. Also we just released a new Swollen Members track called Homicide it's dope so check it out

  2. I know u don't like fans on your Joc but I been a fan since before Lady venom, the ol swoll days when you were on the California skaterstyle….. Anyway prolly heard this before but u saved my life mad! Don't Eva change! LIKE U SAID jus try an do a Lil Betta each day….. Lol smoke cigs, work out, keep the lil monster on lock an try to keep the ego out of it… Words I've grown by!
    ⚔️BAXWARR LIFE'R⚔️🇮🇪🇨🇦

  3. #chiraq #mateoair hey dawg your music is inspiring. Them beats always on point homie. You need to come to Chicago brother wheeeew wheeeeeee you uniqueness is beyond comparison . Better then most American hip hop artists.. They all unicorn agenda rapping bro ! Bring your art to Chicago !! Amor #mateoair

  4. I got out of the place where I was in the middle. Lower torment with artificially heavy blood bouts. Above where I was supposed to go and was a grandfather who finally does not play anymore, and hangs with a navel down. Outside the window, apple trees and houses. Inside, almost all armored plexiglass.
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    Nothing can replace over 10 years of hunger. I should be dumped for the first time with a prescription for something to sleep and with the words of the drug you will not get from me. A Not resetting the memory systematically pharmacologically
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    Take care still alive.

  5. They say "Jesus Christ , I hate my life", "why are his forearms so big?" Ahhhaaahaaaaaaaaaa, careful… wait… 'idle to these suicidal psychopaths with death threats. I guess they like me cause I say whatever's on my mind, this little devil has a different livel of design. Yes!` and no joke the wind picked up. 141

  6. I know the fan boys say this all the time..but that track is pire fire, a bit like the old old stuff from you shane and by the way.. thank you for playing finally in vienna

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