Madchild – Everytime feat Ceekay Jones (Official Video)

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Madchild – Everytime (Featuring Ceekay Jones)

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  1. HELL YEAH 123 poof it's ok to look from the bottom it's up to you to get back up an do it for yourself people come an feelings are what they are people are who they are in the end gotta have your own back an what makes you happy

  2. Great song about recovery! Definitely hits home. Mad love Madchild. I would love to know the chord progressions if anyone knows them?

  3. I found Madchild a few years ago and a lot of his music helped me thru some shit in my life and its insane how songs like these still speak to me the same way they did when they came out. Thx madchild, keep grindin.

  4. What an absolutely amazing song about dealing with your demons and killing the part of you that you don't want anymore. Great metaphors in this song and in my opinion, as an avid Madchild and Swollen fan, one of the best songs put out. So much meaning. Really feel this one.

  5. I would love to see Madchild do a diss track to Lil Windex. I like both rappers, but I think Madchild could definitely come up with some hilarious roasts. It would be purely an entertainment thing. 😏😏

  6. Rip rob dealy u were the brother I never had thru thick and thin wish I never had to write this all together this year I’ve lost 5 friends family to this. I won my battle people out there pls try and win urs

  7. Love the message. Im trying to kill the other person inside myself atm so I can relate. But whatever I do, he will always be there, looking back at me in the mirror.

  8. A lot of addicts dont understand how they affect other's that has to struggle with them when they controle you. Unfortunately addicts don't get to experience that.. Because that would be a real blast! Imagine being sane and eat all the shit this world has to offer, it would make you addicts look like a nice sweet brithday-cake.. Stay out of drugs!

  9. I just discovered this little gem of yours. Ty Madchild for this beautiful, self identifying & healing song. it's absolutely beautiful. You're so talented and truly inspiring. Keep looking to the light

  10. This shit right here! Been sober 4 years now and songs like this remind me why and the process of clawing my way out of hell. Love it love the duality vibe madchild has 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

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