Madlib – Flight To Brazil (Full Album) – Madlib Medicine Show – HD

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“Flight To Brazil” is the second volume of the “Madlib Medicine Show” 13-album series.

Flight To Brazil is your ticket out of this hell hole and onto an 80-minute guided tour through three or four decades of Brazilian funk, psychedelic, prog-rock and jazz.


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  1. now i'm confused… Madlib is hella dope, and i know he creates his music through crate digging and finding different things and putting them together. but this, this is different. i feel as if this is music from the world. as if the background of each seperate song in this comes from another place in the world. it feels way too good, and i love it. i want to learn from this guy so badly. but in this day and age i feel its difficult.

  2. Just yesterday I was on mixcloud looking for some latin-style joints. Then this morning I thought I'd check out what Madlib's been upto randomly before heading to the basketball court. Found this, dopeeeeeeeee

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