Madlib Ray-Ban x Boiler Room 003 | TIMF Afterparty DJ Set

Learn how to rap like the pros

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► The legendary Otis Jackson Jr. a.k.a Madlib easily earning a spot in Boiler Room history.
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Comment (41)

  1. I am agree on the terrible boiler room crowds, but to be honest, Madlip`set is not really a crazy party set to jump thriugh the celling…:-)

  2. I agree that he made an interesting selection of tracks but he should consider just putting out a playlist. the set ranged from flanger madness to bad crossfading to awkward bleeps and bloops. really challenging to listen – let alone dance – to.

  3. really worst set! love Madlib but he's not a dj!( i miss The Lootpack times/ too much play with faders! and no mixing talent! but…cant dislike it

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