Mafia K'1 Fry – Guerre (english subtitles/french rap)

“Guerre” (“War”) is a song from the Mafia K’1 Fry’s second studio album, “Jusqu’à la mort” (“Until the death”) (2007).

Small glossary:

– Kärcher = high-pressure washer. Nicolas Sarkozy once declared that La Courneuve, a city outside of Paris where a boy was killed by a stray gunshot, would be “cleaned out with a Kärcher” meaning all criminals and other undesirables should be removed and washed out. This comment was highly controversial, as many French associate the banlieues with immigrants, especially North Africans.


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  1. TheXxvainerxx enserio comparas a estos con delahoja y soprano???? Me parece patetico! Estos han marcado una epoca en el rap frances y tu hablas de delahoja y s. Soprano cuando no han hecho nada aun, sinceramente no los consideraria ni siquiera entre los 15/20 mejores grupos actuales en españa. Como vas a compararlos cn estos???? …

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