Maisha – Azure (Live in Brownswood Basement)

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Jake Long – Drums (Bandleader)
Nubya Garcia – Saxophone/Flute
Shirley Tetteh – Guitar
Amané Suganami – Keys
Twm Dylan – Doulbe Bass
Tim Doyle – Percussion
Yahael Camara-Onono – Percussion

The London-based six-piece, led by bandleader Jake Long, announce their signing to Brownswood with this live session. Recorded in the infamous Brownswood Basement, it sees the group displaying their fresh slant to the weighty spiritual jazz tradition.

Their 2016 debut EP was released through Jazz Re:freshed (whose weekly shows and record label are an institution for forward-thinking jazz), and were part of We Out Here, Brownswood’s early 2018 record which documented London’s genre-bending, jazz-influenced underground. They’ve been featured on Boiler Room, supported the Sun Ra Arkestra, and played at Church of Sound, a live series that’s quickly become a staple of the emergent scene.


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Comment (42)

  1. Amazing, and sounds familiar because of (my favorite music in the world) Hermeto Pascoal -Dança do Pajé, but with your own groove and style. I love that, thanks for this masterpiece!

  2. Listening to this takes me back to the days of The Last Poets, Lonnie Liston Smith…a very cool period of time. 😊😊🔥🔥

  3. help me, help me, i have been attacked. it was … it was massive. it was massive, that. that attacked me. wrapped inverse galaxies aroun' my head playing Doppler dodge-ball, singing call 'n' response in harmonic gravitational waves, waves. waves …. waves … mmmmmm …. . Thank you, Brownswood(thank you sound peoples). Thank you, Maisha(!). The funk-fu with these is strong. Long live emergent scenes and their manifest consequences. Say on it.

  4. There's definitely a trend of jazz going on rn that involves having awesome mixes but not awesome actual music to mach. Kind of just high quality muzak.

  5. New to me
    Im loving the London jazz scene. This is now on my Bucket List of things to see . Glad to hear young people keeping jazz alive.

  6. Purple flowers growing and dying within an eye blink.
    Universes spreading, extending, evolving and fading away within a breath.

    More than just music: a state of mind.
    Thank you for the bliss.

  7. it is so odd that I had a dream last night I was playing a flute with Pharoah Sanders and then to awaken to this recommended video reminiscent of Pharoah; his art and genius is truly inter-dimensional and lives on through the youth.

  8. This is music that you don't really find that easily these days! So cool! I can feel somewhat of a Lonnie Liston Smith funky vibe!

  9. Sure love the music. It's a shame that this channel allows ads in the middle of their videos. Sure kills the vibe. I'd hate to see a live performance with some product placement b.s. Half way through. It's a shame that music channels are OK with it.

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