Making a golden age hip hop beat with Maschine 2.0 (Behind The Beats #16)

Making a golden age hip hop beat with Maschine 2.0 (Behind The Beats #16)

Behind The Beats #16
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  1. Looking to buy maschine, but can someone explain me where you can download these samples? Are they factory samples? Can you make your own samples on Logic for instance, then upload them to Maschine?

  2. People… You shouldn't ask what sample is being used, it's like asking a magician how to do his main magic trick. Or asking what the secret sauce of a restaurant is. It's like asking for the krabby patty formiloli. YA FEEL¿

  3. Bro , how did you get your samples tempo to match up with the pads so well. I've tried this so many times and can get close but your chops seem almost too perfect. How did you get the chops to be slow playable?

  4. Im watching your videos and just saying to myself man he has some mad skills. You remind me alot 9th wonder. When u fisrt started out did you struggle and were your beats good? I want to by one so bad but i feel like if i cant make a dope beat then its just a waste of money

  5. I literally just got done sampling this track a couple weeks ago! It's up on my sound cloud, Nate Zehngut- Recidivism. Let me know what you think of what I did with it!

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