Making a LoFi-HipHop Beat on the OP-1

Hi 👋

All sounds in this beat is out from the OP-1G.S LoFi-HipHop SoundPack Vol.1.

SamplePack notes:
-10 Tweeked Sampled Instruments (.wav format and .aiff for the OP-1)
-11 LoFi-HipHop-RnB Loops (.wav format)
-1 LoFi-HipHop Drumkit with: 6Kicks, 8Snares, 3Hihats, 1 Open Hihats, 1Clap, 1Crash (.wav format and .aiff for the OP-1)

If you got any questions feel free to ask me.
Purchase it here:

Thank you for watching and your support.


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  1. The OP-1 is such a powerful platform. Hopefully the team will bring it to evolve into a modern form factor with velocity sensitive pads, real keys (or virtual), and 16 tracks backed by the already stellar software and platform behind this gem…all at a competitive price point. Smooth vibes OP-1G.S.

  2. What a great old school beat! With some westcoast/g-funk vibes also :^) 
    For a nice lofi effect, I always record my drums while I have the tape on +2, +4 or +6 speed and play it back at normal tempo. Makes for a really genuine lofi vibe (similar to you using the endless sequencer to lower pitch). Works great with melodies too :^) Also, do you have Soundcloud?

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