Making a sampled beat with Maschine (Beatowski Behind The Beats #11)

Making a sampled beat with Maschine (Beatowski Behind The Beats #11)

Behind The Beats #11
This time I used Maschine 2.0 software to make the beat.

Official website:


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  1. Whats up beatowski, great vids and beats, quick question do you use any type of mixer to filter etc. straight from the turntable or do you sample then do all the filtering in software. Thanks.

  2. Hey man sick fuckin beat bro! Do you use your hs80s for mixing? I'm about to pull the trigger on a set so anything you can tell me would be appreciated – bass response and translation??

  3. Could you make a video how you adjust pitch of sample and tempo of beat? It's frustrating for me. When sampling something with a percussion it makes me mad as hell and there's too much trial and error 😛

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