Malcolm McLaren – World Famous (1983)

Malcolm McLaren – World Famous (12 Inch Mix)

Music By – Trevor Horn , Gary Langan , Anne Dudley (Art of Noise) & World’s Famous Supreme Team

(c) 1983 , Island Records



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  1. This is wy Hip-Hop never dies! The real sh*t will always get true headz to tune in……Classics don't go out of style, only fads do, like today's version of 'rap'.

  2. Is this the real 12inch mix or fan made? Seems fan made. But takes me back anyway to good times/days. Anne Dudley's haunting baby grand piano sound makes this tune & does every time be it the Art of Noise, her solo work or cinema scores. She is one of the most underrated composers of the 20th/21st century.

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