Mark Wonder – Ancient Of Days [Official Video 2013]



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  1. Some people called me, "mixed", but I'm not having it. I know that Africa is my inheritance because my spirit responds to her people, her leaders, her music, her culture, and her spirituality. I'm only comfortable around melanin. There is no other group I'd rather be a part of, and I'm honored to have Jamaican blood in my veins.

    Leaders whose message that every black man and woman need to know:
    Dr. Amos Wilson
    Dr. Claude Anderson
    Sister Souljah
    Kwame Ture
    Kwame Nkrumah
    Dr. Joy DeGruy
    Dr. Ivan Van Sertima
    Marcus Garvey

    It's time we see black people come together and put their group first in all things.
    Surely, in this world, it's the only way that we'll reclaim agency of our own destiny.

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