Maschine and FL Studio – Making a sampled beat

Maschine and FL Studio – Making a sampled beat

Behind The Beats #7
I’m back on track with the beatmaking videos after a two weeks break (actually, two weeks of laziness lol).

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  1. Hey man, how did you slave maschine into fl? Also, do you have a special mapping on the maschine? I noticed you chopped the sample in FL as well, I'm looking to do the same I just wouldnt really know how to slave it seamlessly, got too used to the great flow of maschine but I miss using FL haha thanks in advanced! love your stuff!

  2. is Maschine sampling work flow better than FL Studio and Edison Slice ? because I wanna make boom bap sample beats like this but chopping samples is easy but all that clicking with the mouse kills my inspiration. in FL studio is annoying. I'm thinking of buying a Maschine Studio

  3. How can I link my maschine studio up to be able to do this??????? Whenever I try to press record it doesn't count in with the metronome! It's super frustrating all I want to be able to do is use my maschine to record directly into FL but still be able to use maschine the same way I always do.

  4. I need your help just got a maschine studio and I'm lost been watch hell of videos but it not showing how to set it up how yours is u can't get my sounds from the maschine to show up in the piano roll or nothing if you show what you doing dat would be great

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