Maschine and FL Studio – Making chill hip-hop beat

Maschine and FL Studio – Making chill hip-hop beat

Behind The Beats #5

I’m back with the new beat for all you beatheads.
It’s raining here, so I decided to make a quick relaxed summer beat with a sample from “To Be Happy Is The Real Thing” by The Intruders from their great “Save The Children” LP.


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  1. Hi, very nice beat.. my question may seem stupid, but are the physical buttons on the maschine (such as play, stop, record, etc..) ade working on FL studio if you press them physically from the maschine?
    Do you have to use a preset or something or as soon as you plug it it's recognized?

  2. Is there a video or website that explains the first part of the process where you record the samples? is that built into the machine or is there a software that this runs into that would work on, say my M-Audio Oxygen :D?

  3. hey i was wondering how do you sample? do you use the vinyl player for all samples? and how is it hooked up to send the audio to your DAW, im new to it all sorry for alot of questions lol

  4. Hey bro I just switched from logic into the new maschine studio when I chop like this I can't figure out how to make it the tempo I played…. Like I usually chop just like you in logic then play the groove I'm feeling then Logic can find the tempo. How do I do this in maschine. Sorry for the horrible explanation I'm new to producing

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