Maschine and FL Studio – Recording a beat live

Maschine and FL Studio – Recording a beat live

Behind The Beats #10
Trying something different this time – recording a beat live, using loop recording.

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  1. Dude can you please help me with something I'm going insane. How do you record something like you just did into flstudio like any other VST or keyboard? Especially so you can quantize it etc in the piano roll? When I record normally no sound gets recorded. The only way I can record anything is if I use the "record audio into playlist" which is picking up the background noise from my mics which I shouldn't have to do it that way. As it just goes to wav form and I cant edit it like piano roll editing.

  2. excellent man you are a genius… I have a question for you I hope you can answer how do to play bass on the scale of the sample from the maschine? as you set the fl studio … thanks

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