Masego – Kings Rant (Sax Cover) #SegoSundays

Masego – Kings Rant (Sax Cover) #SegoSundays

Happy Sego Sunday! Thought id try my own song out with a one take.

Keep a smile on your face even though I’m sure we are or someone close are going through something.

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  1. I say yes in every kind of way to this piece he orchestrated and played with a whole smile 🤯 This was so neccessary Masego and I'm here for all of it!😍😍

  2. I love how people in the comments are inspired by Masego to pick up and learn a new instrument! 💗 go for it you guys!!! Haters gone hate and gone complain but there will be people proud of you even if your sound horrible, they’ll just shut their windows on y’all 🤣

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