MastaMic – 11 HK Rap Up

《11 HK Rap Up》所有長度版本在iTunes均有發售。同時亦在KKBox、Moov、Spotif­y、Soliton、JOOX、HiFi Tracks、Music One、3music、CSL、Smartone、China Mobile等均可收聽,在這些網中搜尋MastaMic即可,請多多支持。


藝穗會, en: shoes, Command N Media Limited(寧, John, 楊, 榮), Kevin仔, Uncle, Big Sammy, DJ FunkB, DJ Moka, DJ Mirror, Tedman, Doris, 腎生, 腎太 & YOU !!

曲: Big Sammy
詞: MastaMic
編: Big Sammy & DJ Galaxy
監: MastaMic, Big Sammy, DJ Galaxy

由於歌詞太長, Youtube 方面不能顯示, 如果需要歌詞的朋友請到下列網址下載其word file!



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Comment (42)

  1. You obviously don't understand canto and you haven't heard this guy live its mental. The guy faster than eminem ffs. If you listened to he's latest mixtape – Justice is what i Rap for – and actually understand it you'll realise the lyrics are ingenious.
    Another question. Can you actually produce a decent track yourself? give people credit mate.

  2. 馬米's songs described hk's society quite well. but i dun think it's needed for ppl to trash mcjin just coz their styles ar diff. mcjin's songs ar catchy and his english rap really aren't bad. if u watch his battles against other rappers. learn to accept more music styles. not just one. just coz u support mastermic, doesn't mean you gotta hate on others.

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