MC King's Funeral

On 4 Jan 2008, Singapore lost one of our talented comedian, Jimmy Nah (better known by his stage name, MC King).

More showbiz news:

Here’s the video produced by to commemorate MC King.

R.I.P. dude.


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Comment (36)

  1. Hi DOes anyone happen to know the singer and name of the Cantonese song that was played at the start of this video while The Coffin is slowly moving forward? THanks in advance
    嗨 请问有没有人知道在影片开始时播的那首歌叫什么名字?就在mc King 的棺木慢慢驶向前的时候 . 谢谢!

  2. MC Uncle is not the end of the road take the path don't look back rest in peace we all miss u so much although u are gone you live in our heart that day when the coffin is burn after my grandfather I feel so sad and I cried I feel so sad that both of u are gone

  3. I met before MC King before in other places he is a very nice person he is very filial he is like a father in our heart he likes to make others happy when they are sad now he is gone but he lives in our heart his laughter and his show will keep us accompany in our whole life

  4. @tonychris1970 M.C king has died and yet you make fun of him, you show no respect to him, Get lost and get a life, Bitch, religious freak. 🙂 and religion is not a fun or games.

  5. @tonychris1970 eh fuck you n stfu if you have comment about him,just close the website and he is already a dead person why still say bad comments about him?

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