DJ Archie (3 yrs old) & MC Neat #garagenation

MC NEAT can’t get over the skills of DJ Archie – Bad Ass Bass

Cutting & chopping like Ez, he even has the cut for the MC in his locker! Worlds youngest DJ Archie.

**PLeAsE SHaRe** it’s only a couple of extra clicks.

UKG Chronicle So Solid Crew Heartless Crew UKG Brunch UKG Bible Garage Nation UK Garage Fest Raver Tots

“Special thanks to Disko Kids for my vinyl T shirt, it looks amazing x”

– Archie



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  1. The little bad man Archie i see is gonna be on on BGT… Please make it it happen with the Neat… Joel(luck) make it happen 🙂 should be ya Sasha on dem decks rollin … bet Gabby won't have it ;-)! xx

  2. Gifted brilliant soul. I am in awe and have an uncontrollable foot tap! The world will know you very soon Archie. . . Bless you and your parents – keep that passionate pathway flowing.

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