McCoy Tyner – Wave (1977)

McCoy Tyner – Wave

McCoy Tyner (born December 11, 1938) was a jazz pianist from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, known for his work with the John Coltrane Quartet and a long solo career. Rest in Peace!

This is his interpretation of a Jobim tune called Wave from Supertrios, his his eleventh to be released on the Milestone label. It was recorded back in April 1977 and features performances by Tyner with two rhythm sections: Ron Carter and Tony Williams, and Eddie Gómez and Jack DeJohnette.

Ron Carter – bass
Tony Williams – drums



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  1. I remember a transcription of MasterClass by McCoy Tyner in Keyboard Magazine dating back to 2000. That's when i learned how to play a quartal or 6/9 as some call it. Before that i would listen to Acknowledgement but couldn't quite get it. But McCoy's application of the quartal puts a jazzy spin on a traditional bossa nova.

  2. I don't know anyone with a left hand vocabulary quite like McCoy Tyner possesses. It's hard to define; to wrap your head around. All one can do is just listen and enjoy

  3. This is more a Typhoon, making land fall, and briefly the sun shines through after the rain before more rain! McCoys left hand is trashing the place.

  4. Sometimes I wonder why when the waves seem to go away, they come back again and again. I don't understand the reason. I look at the see and I wonder what's the physical process that drags them over and over again to come and disappear between my feet. The waves are beautiful, they inspire me and make me more cretive but I wish they wouldn't come back, because whenever they come back they cool my feet and leave me with and unpleasant sensation. I hope so! Don't come back anymore.

  5. I saw McCoy live in Seattle, Jazz Alley.. it was like 15 years ago. Anyways, one of Jazz Pianos greatest contributions.. With out a doubt, one of the most innovative, influential and motivational Jazz players.. One of Miles Davis and Johnny Coltrane’s most important contemporaries.. Just listen to Tyner’s version of Moments Notice.. the power of and application of the the 4 stack, quartal Harmonies.. With the exception of Bill Evans, I believe McCoy spearheaded and broke thru many glass ceilings to position and create new harmonic territory for today’s jazz piano vocabulary! God bless McCoy for his sincere, authentic, and heartfelt contributions !!

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