Meany & Tap D – Fire In The Booth

Meany and Tap D’s 1st Fire In The Booth with Charlie Sloth.

:: Charlie Sloth ::
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Comment (46)

  1. Best UK rapper bar none meany is for the peeps that know a skilled lyrical genius who stays gutter over commercialisation and has a fan base that can truly appreciate how gifted this manny man is for the true UK gutter connoisseur he is

  2. "Right now ya' lookin' at two stars.. passing one,
    New year, new clear, new car.. glasses on.

    R6 Marksman, phone off bally on,
    If I don't put you in the coffin.. I'm good to make ya' carry one"

  3. yo look up lowkey or akala on sloth ,less want stay on that mother goose cat hat ball bat no skill rap tap d atleast shows promise but both got nothing,no message no poetry no skill , no syllable change don't feel it it just a recommend for those wish for more substance and true hip hop rap root truth

  4. they killed dobby you got man like meany on the underground man like one direction in the charts and to top it all of david cameron and the illuminate #TheWorldIsFucked

  5. meany is the illest rapper in uk by far none of them london cats have got a chance!!!! my man wud see off ANY rapper from ldn……. STANDARD!!!! MEANY THE PROBLEM HAHAHHAHAHHA

  6. funny thing is he's sponsored by them and is getting paid to wear them. look at his wrist cuz i bet you didnt clock that (no pun intended)

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