Mele Mel Interview Part II

Part 2 to Highbrid Nation’s interview with Mele Mel. Mel touches on Tupac, Jay-z and groupie love.


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  1. Melle Mel & Grandmaster Flash collaborated with pac in summer 96 on the alternate version of the joint called "Whatcha Gonna Do/Fright Night". It's on YouTube right now. It's so surreal to hear them all on one track together.

  2. after all the messagehe had this dude comes out like i love groupies and i am not trying to have a it turns out this guy is just a bitter old man mad he doesn't have the spot

  3. Lost a lot of respect with this interview.  No message music, groupies…come on man, have some class and help raise the nation.  Sounds like he was a better man when he was younger than today. 

  4. Grand-master your just phenomenally poetic and intelligent. I love how you keep it real. I understand what you said about Jay-Z and I don't look at it as a dis, Any hip hop artist that is in their 30s sure enough knows well who you are and should be able to say something from the heart. But thats the problem with people living in this post-digital world and that is they think a text from blackberry is the same as speaking from the heart! And that is sad when you really think about it.

  5. @coolshit28 let me tell u this melle mel has all the right 2 be an ego tripping dude. he sold millions of records based on his lyrical skills way b4 any video shows way before album covers. he sold records long b4 people knew what he looked like thats something

  6. He had a strong impact on me as a young Man. I feel upset and saddend to hear that his message music didn't have an impact and that him using self control was in vein……It was not. He was an inpspiration of manhood then and will always be. There is no market for his music or message because most uoungsters are not interested in being "Men"……I have a Melle Mel inspired response video under the name Michael Gourdine…..If there was no Melle Mel this video would have not been made.

  7. He's cool but he's a little up himself and believing in his own hype. Lots of people contributed to hip hop but nevertheless I respect the fact that he wrote a lot of fairly conscious rhymes.

  8. Thats why people could say what they want about PAC, but he was reaching out!

    Real people do Real things, fake people don't do shit.

  9. Jay-Z has no connection at all with the pioneers?!? And they're still alive? Damn, I can name most of the graf, b boy, and emcee pioneers of NYC and this dude is reading off a Blackberry?!? Downhill….fucking downhill….

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