melle mel interview final

melle mel interview final

Give the gift of music. Check out this old school hip hop gear…


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  1. Melle Mel the man! Yeah,the culture has changed with every generation within a 5-10 span. There is no more (Hip Hop),now it's just RAP music. The DJ,Break Dancers and Grad Artist have but all disappeared from the scene,as a whole. They're still out there,but on a solo tip. Just drug dealer/user wannabe rappers and now these talk singing rappers pretty much talking bout nothing. I still jam my old schools

  2. New Hip Hop seems to mean auto tune, it is annoying as hell. I work with this younger kid and he plays me the new stuff he is in to and every song uses auto tun as an effect it is fucking overkill and I find it to be lazy as hell. It is fine to use it but come on try to add something different.

  3. there's no way i can repeat old ways of thinking when i have this important element to hip hop why go backwards for gain when the blessings is right in our hands set aside our difference and know that facts can heal us all God Bless Respectfully, Tyshonnie😘

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