Men I Trust – Norton Commander (All We Need)

Men I Trust – Norton Commander (All We Need)

Filmed by Men I Trust

Model : special thanks to our friend Lawrence Dickerson


My friend, you know you had your time a while
But I’m willing to give you mine
Few things we both have, keep us alive
My life and our true love
Is all we need…

I don’t want to feel
A world against our love
I don’t want to grow old
A lone broken heart

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Comment (46)

  1. I have depression and mental illness some, when this song hits me, immediately my illness cured slowly and I felt good afterwards. This is my basically one kind of my medication

  2. So I’m from Phoenix & I’m visiting family in Oklahoma & right now I’m in a beautiful field behind the hotel Im staying at, smoking a joint & listening to this song. I’m present & this songs makes it soooo much better. Idk why I made this comment but have a good day hahah

  3. Oo the emotions. bad ones disappears,good and real ones bring your tears bcs you realize them hard. Especially 2:19
    I'm in the full trans mode when that part comes. I never felt like that before.its like accepting your faults and deficiency in a good way. Its pushes you to the live with them and teaching the life is good with them. And try to fight with them in a peaceful way. I listened in my most depressive time I have ever experienced yeah last year i learned i lot i overcame it all with this. This song is very special for me.
    Thats how i feel.

    Its all we neeed….

  4. me:
    hears it for the 1st time
    "ohh she has to be famous with this gorgeous music"
    checks the views and subscribers
    "wHaT tHe HeLl?!"


  5. early that day he was chilling in the corner of the street with all of his property, then a blonde came to him and said ' do you wanna get a part of my music video? ' you know the the rest of the story.

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