Method Man x DJ Whoo Kid – "Drop The Mic" (Shade 45 Freestyle)

Method Man stops by DJ Whoo Kid’s “The Whoolywood Shuffle” on Sirius XM Shade 45. The Veteran Emcee shows the world that he hasn’t lost it and his bars are still on point!

Tune into “The Whoolywood Shuffle” every Saturday from 12p-6p EST and Sunday’s from 10a-4p EST exclusively on Eminem’s Shade 45 (Sirius XM). POW!

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Comment (33)

  1. Here's some bars….

    It's a party and I'm novice on this mic and lawless//
    Stole your girl 7 minutes in the closet; Masked Magician, and your wallets// Told you to be cautious when I'm on all these narcotics, half-dead and psychotic, paranoid from the chronic// Hopelessly romantic, I'm the hottest// Isn't it ironic
    More harmony than the Pentatonix// Call the ambulance; Nostradamus; mortal combat, flawless; Incredible hulk, hypnotic// Took it for the team; hippopotamus// Your a dumbass like my cousin Thomas// Never'd as promised, Pocahontas, my karma pompous, what goes around comes around; Muhammad; when I die; goddess// Slit my wrist, poltergeist, hold the knife, suicide; Chucky's bride, drunk as fuck, I'm heartless// Satan's horns, Crown of Thorns, misery born, spoke In tongues, Ouija board

    Ryan K Pendley

  2. baby mama drama tryina act like she madonna like a virgin but i'm certain that this person a piranha man eat (?) a Jeffry Dahmer if a stray hit a stand and kill a fan that's Kitana (chick from mortal kombat with the fan blade)

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