MF Grimm on Hip Hop and Jay Electronica

Learn how to rap like the pros

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Part 1 of a sit down with MF Grimm. Stay tuned for more. Many exclusive information regarding everything MF Grimm. Visit for more interviews to come


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  1. Exactly..This nigga sounds like a classic hater. Jay Elect is an amazing lyricist that speaks his mind. Dude felt like lyricist in the South got no recognition, and the East always look to them as slow and dumb. Espescially in the 90's. Now as far as the line about jacking slang..Lets all be honest. Niggas is still sayin shit like ''Bling'' and ''Trappin''..All house hold terms now. Idk. Grimm was definitely sounding like a women here.

  2. Grimm was acting all butt hurt like he got dissed personally. Jay was just expressing how he felt Saying NY rappers jacked southern slang isn't really insulting, just an observation. If he truly disrespected NY, Jay Z wouldn't have signed him.

  3. Idk Jay was more trying to defend the south against someone from NY who talked about the south, he wasn't trying to shit on NY. I think Grimm is a little more mature than getting mad at something like those is kinda stupid and Im from and live and love NY too

  4. Me and my friends were surprised and dispointed by this that our fav rapper at the time seemed to be so unprepared and lacklustre. For a man with such a strong Mic presence Jay was sheepish on stage and was one of the weaker Mc's I have seen for a long time (and i seen many)!Many others have 'saved' hiphop – HISD to name just one. The fact Jay Elec has done nothing for so long is an insult to his fanbase who he continues to tease until like me they get bored and turn off

  5. Love Grimm! when Jay Elec came through I liked him too. I went to the Jay Elec show in in London @ Jazz Cafe and was very disapointed. He was on stage for 40 mins and had a poor rapport with the crowd. When I tried to crack a mild and and friendly joke which the crowd laughed and smiled at Jay got shook and started acting all gangster like 'who said that,who said that?' I raised my hand and Jay looked like any other guy and his 'spiritual' and rightous vibe was no where to be seen.

  6. @killaindian lol i was actually refering to the irony, since MF Grimm was shot and is on a wheel chair, so he can't stand up and u call an interview with him a ''sit down'' get the irony?

  7. @kingpolo88 Can we stop with this New York vs South shit, its so stupid! Every region has had its share of bad music. New York came out with Chicken Noodle Soup lol! LA came out with Cali Swag District and of course the south came out with Soulja Boy lol! i mean its stupid and arrogant. The south has good lyricists too like Scarface, Outkast, K Rino, Big K.R.I.T., Celph Titled, and such. and you talking about "ballin" when Jim Jones from New York came out with that shit too lol!

  8. Jay got a voice now so he used it to vent long held frustration that almost every NOLA MC contains. Instead of dissing him for it, try to understand it. I don't think Grimm's point holds water that because Jay rhymes, something invented in NY, that NY was robbed at gunpoint. Certainly Hip Hop was born in NY, but also because of that, 2 be given equal props as an MC you have to be from NY. Also certainly the world has used slang from NY but that slang became universal Hip Hop slang & due is given

  9. What Jay spoke of can be well documented. Being inside of NY it may be hard to see. An MC that tries to get his due lyrically will never, ever be given his rightful place. There could be an MC that is 100xs better than Jay Z, Nas, Rakim and Kool G Rap combined and a NY rapper would say he's pretty nice but never would they say he/she is the best. And it's cool if NY wants to say "Ya Heard Me" like NOLA rappers but don't do it while refusing to give them their due.


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