MF Grimm – Soldier

Learn how to rap like the pros

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*NOTE: There’s an 8 second delay before the song starts, so please be patient. =]*

“Soldier” by MF Grimm.

Produced by Aksim

(c) 2007, Day By Day Entertainment


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  1. Hey my bad about interrupting good music but check out my channel. I'm just trying get a decent fan base. Just check out my channel leave a comment i'm just trying improve my flow.

  2. actually … MF used to stand for metal face back in the day, nowdays doom uses MF as his PRODUCER tag i.e. JJ doom. he doesnt make the beats. HE says it stands for METAL FINGERS nowdays which is his PRODUCER suffix. He is a prolific and evolving organ of mad aire

  3. Great fucking song. Does anybody know the chord progression? I can tell it's simple but I'm not good at that shit…Anybody know the chords that are rolling through this? Sounds like C and G and maybe D….

  4. the hell is wrong wit the world today they gonna give these new rappers millions of views and dollars to talk literaly bout nuthin money the route of all evil fuckin bitches sellin drugs yet grimm only got less than 30 000 if that dnt speak on the people in this day in age i dnt know wut does

  5. @stoopidmac If Killah Priest and MF Grimm did a project together, I would play the lottery just so I can win and buy the album 100 million times. I would probably then get drunk with power and attempt to rule the world though

  6. Want to see a song turned into a comic book? Verse for verse?
    Check out my channel and watch Guru and the Gangster
    I am Mighty Om, Emcee and Illustrator

  7. @PanicOnFunkotron I can see how he got it mixed up, I mean Percy Carey and Daniel Dumile are such similar names its an honest mistake. Also Manhattan and London, England are so close to each other sometimes I even forget its not in America.

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