MGbility – It’s Breaking (feat. El Nino & luXe) (prod. Pietro Royalty)

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Shot in Prague, Czech Republic in March 2019

MGbility (Hasta La Muerte / SLOVAKIA)
El Nino (Floorlords, The Squadron / USA)
luXe (Mighty Zulu Kings / FRANCE)

guitar / bass – Tibor Viszlai
piano – Árpád Api Ternei
drums – Tomáš Kalász
mix / master – Miroslav Sedláček (UNITED KINGDOM)

QOQ media

El Nino (Floorlords, The Squadron / USA)
MGbility (Hasta La Muerte / SLOVAKIA)
luXe / Nasty Yas (Mighty Zulu Kings / FRANCE)
Nasty Ray (The Squadron / USA)
Felix (Unique Styles / USA)
Kleju (Polskee Flavour / POLAND)
Max (Momentum / PORTUGAL)
Scream (South Front / UKRAINE)
Kastet (Three Sixteen / RUSSIA)
Jerry the Metal (Three Sixteen / RUSSIA)
Nick (Killedkedz / KAZAKHSTAN)
Mark (Killedkedz / RUSSIA)
Dinho (BRAZIL)

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