Mix Hip Hop Romanesc (2019)

Mix Hip Hop Romanesc (2019)
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  1. Mix Hip Hop Romanesc (2019)

    1. Byga – F.u.c.k Hip Hop (Official audio)
    2. Ombladon – Hip Hop Romanesc (Official audio)

    3. Codu' Penal Feat. Puya & Jamaika – Ma Intorc Acasa (Official audio)

    4. Baboi Feat. Syan Lion – Asta e Romania (Official audio)

    5. Bibanu & Puya – Nu ai sentimente (Official audio)

    6. Estradda – Am un tovaras (Studio freestyle)

    7. F.Charm Feat. Aris – Prin foc si prin apa (Official audio)

    8. Keri & Nimeni Altu' – Tare-Am Fost (Official audio)

    9. Nimeni Altu' – De atata vreme (Official audio)

    10. Ombladon Feat. Freakadadisk – Nici o lacrima (Official audio)

    11. Nimeni Altu' – Singuratic (Official audio)

    12. Ombladon – Nu mi-e frica (Official audio)

    13. Ombladon – Ultimul tren (Official audio)

    14. Seek – Nu ma cunosti (Official audio)

    15. Spike – Realitate (Official audio)

    16. ALAN & KEPA Feat. Ombladon & FDD – Vorba Aia (Official audio)

    17. Bibanu MixXL Feat. Byga (C.I.A.) & Alessia & DJ Lexi – Made In Cartier (Official audio)

    18. C.I.A. – Pui de lei (Official audio)

    19. C.I.A. – Cel care sunt azi (Official audio)

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