Mobb Deep + Bob Marley – The Infamous Bobb Deep (Full Album)

0:00 Got It Twisted
3:28 Shook Ones pt. 3
7:27 Clap Those Thangs feat. 50 Cent
10:52 Front Lines (Hell On Earth)
16:15 Drop A Gem On ‘Em
20:25 Stir It Up (Quiet Storm)
24:42 Gangstaz Roll
28:27 Rare Species/Modus Operandi
32:50 Survival Of The Fittest
36:42 Thug Life Is Mine feat. Nas

Queensbridge Meets Kingston, a blend of Mobb Deep acapellas over Bob Marley sampled beats. Crafted by New York’s DJ Swindle, its a clever use of many of the best flows from the infamous duo from Queensbridge, with surprising results.

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Comment (38)

  1. Bruh at first i found it difficult to picture the mix between these two, but now i can i say this is one the best mashups ever made. Hope u get the props u deserve 💪 and keep it up.

  2. Please respect the best album of rap with illmatic. You can't put these instrumentals with real rap lyrics. Please respect Mobb Deep. I am sorry but your idea is a big mistake. Thats my opinion..

  3. Like both but this feels forced. And the fact that these aren't lesser known Marley songs and all the most popular overplayed Marley songs made it a lot worse. Its like you just picked up a greatest hits album and made a bunch of quick predictable samples.

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