"More Bandz" – Dark Chill Rap Beat | New Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019 | RB Keys #Instrumentals

#925 – “More Bandz” – Dark Chill Rap Beat | New Hip Hop Instrumental Music 2019, by Canadian producers RB Keys & 2 Slick Beatz. #Instrumentals | 💰 Purchase (License) ➜ https://Rujay.co.uk.

📷 Photo by Artem Bali.

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Music provided by Rujay.
Instrumental: “More Bandz” by RB Keys & 2 Slick Beatz.
Channel: https://YouTube.com/user/RujayTV.

This instrumental is free to use for non-profit use. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Comment (24)

  1. I got more bandz than a tucan nigga why's life gotta be so hard like this dick when she yelling damn daddy I think ur going a lil to hard. Like the strings on a guitar speakerz never told us why his life never went to far. I got more bandz than ur momma and daddy make in a 5years old man thinks he's better but I'm the one making him mortgage his land. I got more bandz than anyone can.

  2. Wait! I got alot, more to hate, bitch! i can do this all day, i could make you more then great, im the champion, you know u aint! Sorry i, i was just born this way, keep it real i, you know you fake, u got green growing on ya fools gold chain, and my green grows all the way to the bank, wait! all i gotta say is thanks, I NEVER FELT SO ALIVE. ×3 My motivation my drive, it's feelin like im at an all time high, I NEVER FELT SO ALIVE.×3 After all this is time im loosing my mind becuz it's finally my time to shine, AND I NEVER FELT SO ALIVE, wait, play that shit back, read my body language, if u think i be lien im, just trying to say is thanks, so i guess thanks bitch, i think all the time i spent thinkin im high, wasnt a complete waste of my time but i, could of bin bangin out hits, i think i made' m loose there minds in less then a 3rd of time that it took me to almost loose a 3rd of mine, hard headed an blessed with ignorance such being a bliss, yess yeah it's a curse an a gift, im back again after all this time and now it's personal bitch, so pour me drink i need a swigg. Dnt forget roll my purp in a swish, i could tell u all about life being a bitch, but why am i gonna bring up old shit, after I GOT the game like ohhh shit, the window of oppurtunitys open, reunited never felt so good, i never felt so alive. I NEVER FELT SO alive Back together with what my true purpose is, on God's green earth as it spins. And I must say, im Finally feeling fly like birds in the wind,

  3. Yea rujay on the beat yea next level shit bass and treble shit rapping to the dark ass beats back in that devil shit I spit so raw the flow comes to me life like a movie bitches show boobies when I roll through with my uzi . She want me so bad she want to fucking juice me pussy so juicy I gotta make it to the top but beggars can’t be choosing .im always gonna win never see me loosing this shit right here is booming if you trying to take this spot from me you gonna have to fucking shoot me my voice keeps on looping fake mother fuckers on my wave but I see through them Draco get to shooting bullets get to looping your bitch be to choosy she said she love me and she to scared to loose me .

  4. Damn imagine being that one guy who dislike the video lmfaoooo… I feel bad 4 that 1 guy lmfaoo no one wants to be that guy 😭🤣😂😅🔥

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