Mr. Blue, Loco Sniper, Young Spanks, Creeper, & Precise – It's Chicano Rap

Music Video From Centro Side Records Please Subscribe and stay tuned for more videos..Always Bringin You Bangin Rolas..Alratos

Mr. Blue (Official Myspace)
Young Spanks A.K.A. Mr. Kali Chief (Official Myspace)
Loco Sniper (Official Myspace)
Mr. Toks (Official Myspace)
Precise (Official Myspace)
Creeper (Official Myspace)


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Comment (32)

  1. Norte XIV fuck loco $Niper N every 559 $crap hideiNq N zhit aiNt No trampaz N HaNNaz $trafaz Corcro the Lomaz or ArmoNa we got the 559 KC oN lock XIV'IZIOUZ G4NG$T4$ eNez

  2. @ffelipe140 haha yu fake ass chapete bumpin' some Sureno shit.. wut part of the 916 you stay at bitch? yu bustas don't even put it on work.. we're the one who be puttin' you bustas on blast ese

  3. Fukk scrapas yall some putas yall dnt want it itz .Norte Sacra :: 916 slide thru nd see wutz gud ill have them 9 mm bullets splatering ur brain thru the flue LA dodger hat

  4. where does rap really started at anyways.? it didnt start in mexico, or east los. fuckk this wack azz shit. its all about oldies. "" thee midnitters """ will slap this wack azz shit rap group.

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