Mr. Green – “Clap” feat. Freddie Gibbs, Chill Moody, Apollo Ali (Official Music Video)

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The project features Freddie Gibbs, KRS-One, Matisyahu, Vinnie Paz, Malik B of The Roots Crew, Skrewtape, Hakim Green + new songs from Bodega Bamz and Raz Fresco.

‘Live from the Streets’ is a video series created by producer Mr. Green and director Sam Lipman-Stern. The series, which airs on Noisey, follows Green globally on a journey meeting interesting people and musicians on the streets. Green samples their music; interviews the street performer; and then turns the sounds into original beats. After the beat is created, he collaborates with one of his favorite rappers to add powerful lyrics to the musical backdrop he and the street musician constructed. Finally, at the end of each episode, Green revisits the people he sampled to play them the final track; often times receiving emotional responses from people who have never heard themselves on recorded audio. The final episodes are a unique hybrid music/video experience.

Mr. Green has now compiled the songs from the series into an album, and is scheduled to release ‘Live From The Streets’ on April 7th.

Director: Sam Lipman-Stern
Cinematographers: Nicholas Charles Peters, Hiram Stelzig, Sam Lipman-Stern, Jayson De Leon
Editor: Sam Lipman-Stern

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  1. One of the better songs from the album. Its a mixed bag for me, that song with the guy singing "I believe" is pure cringe, as is the "every politician" song, the song where the fool was moaning about how it was illegal for blacks to learn how to read and we wuz kangz was cringe and krsone is always cringe. Mr Green makes some nice beats but could have chose the rappers better.

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