MTV’S PIMP MY RIDE? What REALLY Happened To The Cars & Contestants

MTV’S PIMP MY RIDE? What REALLY Happened To The Cars & Contestants

Revisiting old BLACK Hollywood scandals and mysteries.




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  1. I loved this show but finding out that they didn’t fix the engines and that the TVs didn’t work really is a let down. Why waste money on flashy crap when you could be putting in a new engine. Plus taking stuff out after. Why put it in in the first place. It sounds like they used a lot of these kids and messed up their cars. I do remember some cars looked great so maybe the smartest kids sold them 😂. Maybe they should have asked for pink slips. I’m an Aussie so that’s what we call a piece of paper that shows the car is roadworthy. So they all should have made sure to get one of them.

  2. If I say I got laid in my car( there’s jizz everywhere it’s on the walls it’s on the ceiling it’s even in the fender wells) thanks mtv you hooked me up with four std’s nine condoms and wait is that a baby?

  3. I would have been like pimp my engine chassis and suspension with OEM equipment I can do the cosmetic stuff myself or just give me the money you are going to put in that POS and I'll get me another ride.

  4. if they had real mechanics it doesn't matter how old the car is they could make it new, or nobody would restore old cars…..what a fucking cop out and the cars were a joke, I think 1 maybe 2 came out looking alright…….they really just made ricers and you can tell they didn't put much effort in those cars, the ones whos cars they "couldn't" wouldn't fix they just bought them new cars…those people came out the luckiest if they actually got to keep them!

  5. well not surprise me if the show as fake or not surprise me the diretor throw candies and cigarrets or any other bs and the ppl who was there to get a free car renovation accepted, and they didnt just say no? yeah because it was free

  6. What about the people with cars that were "too far gone" once it was at their shop. So they got brand new vehicles & pimped that ride for them. Alot were the newest current model available at that time period. Wonder if they got to keep the new vehicle & their old one or what exactly…

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