MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY – Zee the Dungenous feat. Brains Mcloud (2015) #scottishrap

MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY – Zee Featuring. Brains Mcloud (2015)

Before Eminem flipped the Alfred Hitchcock sample, there was…

Zee the Dungeonous featuring Brains Mcloud – MUSIC TO BE MURDERED BY” from the 2015 Album, Spontaneous Combustion Rap.

A Dundee rapper with links to some of the music industry’s biggest names, including Bizarre from D12, claims global superstar Eminem “stole” the concept for his new album from a track released five years ago.

Darren Stewart, who raps under the name Zee the Dungeonous, says he released an album titled “Music to be Murdered By” on 17 January 2015. Exactly 5 years to the very day and Eminem dropped his album, also titled. “Music to be Murdered By” and the similarities don’t stop there.

Speaking to the Evening Telegraph, Stewart said: “When I heard the Hitchcock samples, the same title and release date I did start to get a little freaked out.

“He is one of my idols and it could well be a coincidence, but you do hear stories of richer artists with louder fan bases getting away with that sort of thing.”

“He is one of my idols and it could well be a coincidence but you do hear stories of richer artists with louder fan bases getting away with that sort of thing.”

But if you think Stewart is p***** off with Eminem then you’re wrong, because he says if the rapper did get inspiration from his album he’d be ‘flattered’.

He added: “I’ve tweeted Eminem about it and also contacted Bizarre. I wouldn’t say I was annoyed, if it’s straight-up coincidence then I would be amazed.

“He is a hero of mine and if it’s not a coincidence I’m genuinely flattered by it all.”

To add an even weirder twist to this already quite bizarre story, Stewart and Eminem – real name Marshall Mathers – have a mutual acquaintance in the form of D12 band member Bizarre.

He collaborated with Bizarre back in 2013, while Eminem recorded albums with the rapper in the early 2000s.

Darren said: “I had a guest feature from Bizarre on my album, who I met after a concert in Glasgow in 2008, which I released two years before Music to be Murdered By which was called Murder Zee Wrote.

“People started contacting me thinking about the similarities between the works and that’s what got me thinking.

“We have our connections to D12 and it doesn’t put it too far out of the realm of possibility that Eminem, through Bizarre, heard my track, dug for the sample I used, and took the concept.”

Darren will still be listening to his favourite rapper’s new music, even if the similarities remain, and also revealed: “I have new release on it’s way next month.”

Zee the Dungenous is a battle rapper on the local Dundee scene in Scotland and has a new hip hop record out also in the #horrorcore genre. But, he is a confirmed Eminem STAN.

Samples often get sampled multiple times in the hip hop world. The similarities to the songs stop at the sample. So, to try to claim some sort of monetary benefit, I would say he doesn’t have a leg to stand on lol.

Good promotion for his next joint though.

The track also features rapper Gavin Bain, known as Brains McLoud, one half of the duo Silibil N’ Brains, whose exploits pretending to be American to trick record company executives were featured in the documentary film The Great Hip Hop Hoax.

Mr Stewart and Mr Bain both have links to Eminem through D12, a hip hop group formed in the late 1990s by up-and-coming Detroit artists, including Mathers and his alias Slim Shady.

Mr Bain and collaborator Billy Boyd, who met at college in Dundee, were signed to Sony records, played on a UK tour with Eminem and appeared with D12 after pretending they were from a small town in California to gain credibility.

That explains the American sounding accents.

You can see Zee the Dungenous sporting his Scottish accent in the track below.

Follow Zee the Dungenous on social media:

IG – zeethedungeonous
FB – /zeethedungeonous
SC – /zeethedungeonous
Bandcamp – /murderzeewrote

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Comment (39)

  1. Call your shit “ Murder Zee Wrote “ instead of using Em’s title for his new album of “ Music to be Murdered By “ .. I cant believe you actually believe Em stole from you 😂
    You Taking credit for Em’s new album and every song on it is hilarious.

    #HipHopDX lol

  2. As a yank that follows UK shit… YTF are ya tryin to put on an american accent?? I'd have gave ya a follow if ya'd have simply came real. Thumbs down bubba. Peep out Leaf Dog; and get some better production.

  3. People saying that someone copied someone else, does anyone not realize that they're both "copying" Alfred Hitchcock, if that's the case? Lol Music to be Murdered by is public knowledge, literally anybody could have been inspired by it.

  4. If he did copy of yours I would take it as respect ✊ but also Eminem made a whole album off of it not a just a single so I feel like he felt like you missed a opportunity to take the Alfred Hitchcock idea and make it huge like em did that’s the difference between a genius and your everyday rapper

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