N.B.S. – Fresh Air (Prod. by DJ Tray) OFFICIAL VIDEO

Learn how to rap like the pros

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Written and performed by I. Bilal-Firmin, R. Muhammad / Production by DJ Tray / Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Jakebeatz at PW Studios / Executive Producer Matt “M.D.B.” Siegenthaler

Director: Theo Santo for Theo Santo Productions

If you listen to the words in the song “Fresh Air,” you might feel more appreciative when you wake up in the morning, stretch, and breath another breath of fresh air! Although life can be stressful, unfair, and discouraging at times, just remember your situation could always be worse. So basically we are saying we all have our day to leave the earth in the physical as some of our loved ones already have while hoping someday we will reunite when it’s our turn to go. So by having faith and giving thanks to the creator, all will be just fine in the end. Salute! It’s the Vets, we get it!

From the EP SwissVets (Hot Dogs To Swiss Francs) by N.B.S.

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Listen to the 1st single:
N.B.S. – Seven (Prod. by Jakebeatz): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmqUTrsK5zE
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