N.O.R.E. Says ‘Jesus Is King’ is Trash + Charlamagne Betting Against Nick Cannon

N.O.R.E. Says ‘Jesus Is King’ is Trash + Charlamagne Betting Against Nick Cannon

N.O.R.E. stops by Nick Cannon Mornings at Power 106 to talk about how he believes Kanye West’s ‘Jesus Is King’ doesn’t have Jesus’ cosign, how Charlamagne is betting against Nick Cannon & more.

#NORE #DrinkChamps #JesusIsKing

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Comment (39)

  1. I hate pause like why are we so insecure as black men that we can’t just talk knowing the intentions of the context foh .l, when u say pause it makes it homo to me when u could of just said what u wanted and just had intelligent conversation

  2. Have Mercy on you guys!!So sad, you do not understand who you are cursing. The Lord,your creator!! How could you preach bad over good. Remember hell and Heavon is real. Not only you are risking your salvation but you are leading others astray…..Proverbs 18:21 NKJV – Death and life are in the power of the tonge…..So Kanye made an awesome choise !!! Good for him,his family,other young black youth!! Follow him!! that will be the best decision you have ever made….God bless

  3. Nick the “Turban” your wearing is not symbolic to being “a nigga” it is a representation of your Moorish forfathers who held the keys to civilization. I know as a host you can get caught up in the banter, but never reduce the highest representation of your self to the level of niggas. In addition, you comment would Pre suppose that the Caucasian culture is better than the Asiatic Moorish Culture. When I fact we are the standard for civilized culture. Posted in love. Your Moorish American family.

  4. Christianity is the biggest business right now, kanye Kardashian has seen that and he wants to cash in. You can't marry a Kardashian and claim to be a believer, eef that. He's just like the televangelists all over the world. Hes cashing in too ,people need God or jesus and it's big business.

  5. Kanye ain't nothing but a hustler with a money making agenda tho, just like most rich pastors fleecing the gullible flock…. he out there charging poor struggling souls 55$ for 2 pancakes and a sausage patty at his "brunchella" lol …. that kind of Christianity is exactly why Christianity is a scam…. fool me once….. but not twice…. if I want gospel there are truly pious leaders out there, not "slavery was a choice" "i love trump" maga-Kanye

  6. Religious people are WEAK minded simpletons , it makes me feel fuzzy inside so i will take it as fact , WTF? critical thought is very important and know this NOT believing in "skygods" does not mean you are lost or a bad human, it means you walk and live for this one and only life, to help your fellow man is a wonderful feeling , love and support each other without the threat of a "hell" . religion is for easily controlled minds.

  7. Ye ain’t making bangers for the club. This is a spiritual journey. He sounds like the rest of those wolves. Ijs. Nore is irrelevant in the music realm. He a social talking head. Nore ain’t going to Heaven. 😂.

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