Narcy – Rise

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Set in 2025, business man Jamal El-Nargisee finds himself battling a
personal coup. With his imagination wrecking havoc on his reality,
Jamal wonders whether his forgotten creativity was crushed by his
business acumen or if he has lost his mind in the grind. RISE is an ego
trip, a short music film based on Narcy’s new LP World War Free Now and an ode to the saying; what goes up, must come down.

Produced by Yassin Alsalman
Directed by Ali F. Mostafa (@afmfilms)
Music by Sandhill, Narcy and JRB The Producer.


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Comment (35)

  1. Pleasure and Accessibility, at the cost of others, has created apathy. Those who become apathetic lose their humanity. Those who struggle are stronger then we will ever be. May justice come to all those who have been suffering for so long.

  2. bro, all i can tell you now is that this is the best thing you did since PHATWA , and i hope i can get you here to iraq to be in our Drifting-Music event in October 6

  3. فلم تجريبي وارهاصات داخلية لفنان حريص على مستقبل وطنه
    التقنية مبهرة ولكنها بحاجة الى بعض الإيضاحات لترسيخ المعنى وإيصاله الى المتلقي دون لَبْس ( من باب الحرص) الأغاني ممتازة وساهمت بدور إيجابي مؤثر في الصياغة الفنية والمنجز الفني ( الفلم القصير) وكما هو دائماً يقع في مشكلة صعوبة إيصال المعنى لقصره وتراكم المعطيات الصورية والصوتية والفلم ( جيد) .

  4. whoa that was the guy that played faisal in City of life, it's cool seeing him after all these years, like seeing an old friend, he hasn't changed a bit :).

  5. Why doesn't this have more views and more likes? Is that how bad people have become- too impatient to sit through the whole video, maybe think about the imagery and the lyrics? Was it not "catchy" or "sexy" enough to maintain your every-day-diminishing attention span? Damn son…

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