NAV | Before They Were Famous | Bad Habits, Updated Biography

NAV | Before They Were Famous | Bad Habits, Updated Biography
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Before Nav would be UP in Some Way and become a Champion just by being Himself .Before he would sign to The Weeknd’s XO Label and relase tap 2019. Before he would collab with Metro Boomin, Gucci Mane, Gunna, Travis Scott, and even get a cosign from Nas.
Before He would have over 500k followers on Twitter, over 500k on Soundcloud, and close to 1.5 million followers on Instagram at the time of this recording

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Before They Were Famous:

The Rich Life:


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  2. Another punjabi phag tryna be a rapper……. Ppl who are not naturally suited to be American trying to be cool…….. Toronto gets gayer by the pound n the minute.

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