Navy Blue – Simultaneously Bleeding

Navy Blue – Simultaneously Bleeding

Spoken by Navy Blue
Produced by Navy Blue
Directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa
Light by Jamie Chung
℗ 2020 Freedom Sounds


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Comment (31)

  1. [Lyrics]

    Surprised like i ain't tell you,
    Told you ill get over.
    Trickle down the facts, my mother made a soldier.

    Shoulders ain't for cryin' on; my brother know.
    Hold him close.

    Privately we cope.
    Tyrants sweep the coast,
    Round the cape
    Horns blazin', I Know when they approach.

    Bouncin' off the storm, watch it go up in smoke
    A note to my enduring, cant contemplate no moe.
    This is Precious Oak.

    I can't see no faces,
    Clergy wearing cloaks.
    Most these people racist.
    Get up off my path,
    Spirits get evoked.

    All i could do was laugh
    And live this life that's haunted by the past
    Stares from lonely eyes, I know 'em way too well.
    Seeing way too much
    Wherever He is I (Eye)
    He know I hate His guts.

    My Spirit can't be touched (X4)
    I started caring less bout what they say from jump.
    Seen the sacred views, Navy Blue; it all gets undone.
    It all gets undone, we seeing through
    It all gets undone…

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