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Necro Death Rap Album Track 2 Join The Necro Army No Remorse No Regret Death Rap Lisen Too It Live It DIE!


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  1. Hey my teachers and retards at youth build Keep doing retarded shit so ye have fun i guess ive always wanted ro eat eyeballs with the cornia any ideas for a sauce

  2. Hey i got beef with some idiot he really bugs go get him hit up the fam much love i saw you beat the shit out of someone it was my favorite interveiw i like your work i have no remorse its alexis gilbertos son not gilbert i just didnt wanna make a profile hmu if you ever need anything i got you fam much love dont want it with me look into my eyes death rap listen to ot live and die

  3. Still one of the greatest Necro songs ever. I remember having my mind blown when i first heard this album and this song. I pop this album on anyday, it doesnt grow out from me

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