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  1. Funny huh goy? Necro is revealing Jewish supremacy & that the underground rap like Immortal Technique is controlled opposition. They're both communists & they both make disinfo rap.

  2. This guy is a Jew who sings about enslaving women, raping them and torturing them. This isn't some shock value crap. This nasty Jew is speaking from personal experience.

  3. Fucking Jew rapping about the Jewish mafia enslaving goy women. Iranian and Latvian women, two peoples that Jews hate. And people wonder why antisemitism is on the rise.

  4. Too bad I can't find the original videoclip anymore, as I guess it was a little too rough for youtube. "We might be the only ones capable of digesting the dose".

  5. [Hook – Necro]
    White slavery when bitches get put under seige
    Shoved into a van and kidnapped right from the street
    Never to be seen again by any of their peeps
    Just a victim buried deep in the world of creeps
    Who roam through alleyways associating with freaks
    You'll never be found but cops will be searching for weeks
    Looking for leaks, hoping somebody speaks
    While your brain is washed and your memory they delete

    [Verse 1 – Ill Bill]
    Women need to be loved, injected with needles and drugs
    Subjected to torture and kidnapped they need to succumb
    It's proven, I feed em dog food, they prefer human
    Make 'em savagely beat each other bloody for my amusement
    It's all fun and games, I keep 'em handcuffed in chains
    Sexually make 'em do the most disgusting things
    Starve 'em to cannibals, make 'em eat each others' brains
    Changed and deranged, stores begin to seem like nothings strange
    While retarded acquaintances get fist fucked and raped
    Covered in lighter fluid, lit up and engulfed in flames
    Sound proof walls guarantee to muffle your screams
    Squirm on a shit stained mattress in a puddle of pee

    Selling you to the highest bidder for a bundle of D
    And I'mma be a scumbag till I'm a hundred and three
    Throw you in the back of a van, rag stuck in ya teeth
    Smothered in chloroform, you wake up smothered in creeps


    [Verse 2 – Necro]
    I'm enslaving women from Ukraine, they don't understand English
    But they understand pain, It's the language of anguish
    Your situation's hopeless, deceived into dancing topless
    Then force you into prostitution with coke heads
    Police keep the silence while you sleep with clients
    You protest you won't eat and you get beat like a child does
    And when you're destroyed like women from Latvia
    You'll be sold to the Muslim part of Bosnia by the mafia
    From where there is no return forever
    You'll be on ya knees labeled a coffee table in leather
    We have no hearts with mafiosi, evil like Bela Lugosi
    White slavery O.G.'s that own police
    Full of hate, Spanish midgets pull you out of crates
    Kidnapped women dangled from chains; their fate: to be raped
    Killers with Frank Zito cuts deliver slaves in vans
    From Iran that's delicacy like a gorilla's liver
    Like the stench of a roach

    We'll bring it to you critics fowl like a blowgun
    And a naked chick in a trenchcoat
    Chopping your feet of, don't shut the beat off
    Leave it, believe it we're coming to cut the meat off
    And meat cleave it

  6. here's a verse it goes like this

    Horsham slavery is about cunts that hate autistic adults that come with the pain making analogy realistic
    your getting killed in the field full of children that need a daddy hero cuz there all a bunch of fucking weirdos
    selfish bastards always starting a fight with only people they can beat but too pussy to fight twice there size
    tie little girls fathers to electrical cables using poison and power charges making them unsavable crack lasses boyfriends skulls with a machete blood out the brains so fast that the fannies will never forget me
    day services that are family orientated should be avoided cuz lasses have boyfriends that are paranoid they say no to shit that makes you hyper meaning the motherfuckers will get leary if you lick vaginas play down their fucking hardness for their hatred of real life for the sake of a fake fucking God that don't even exist in real life

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