New-age Gangsters in New Zealand

New-age Gangsters

New-age gangsters: Business prospects, volunteer work, and giving up drugs. Life in New Zealand with the Mongrel Mob Kingdom.

Mongrel Mob is an organised street gang based in New Zealand that has a network of more than thirty chapters throughout the country. They are especially active in King Country, Opotiki, Waikato and Hastings. The Mongrel Mob’s main rival is the Black Power gang and there have been several very public and violent clashes between the two gangs over the years.

Members consider Hastings in Hawke’s Bay to be the gang’s “Fatherland” or birthplace, and the gang first became known for its violence in Hawke’s Bay.

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Comment (36)

  1. much respect for this man, people are always quick to judge you if you have a bandana on or a red or blue colour tshirt, now is the time where all of the gangs should come together and seek peace to help they’re own whanaus and to give a better future for the kids❤️💙

  2. This guy is REALLY well spoken. Not saying gang members are illiterate but usually gang members find it hard to articulate their words in front of the camera. This is beautiful kapai e hoa

  3. Load of shit boi tell us the rest of that story cunt rape and pillage not even the mob believe these BULLSHIT stories, the truth will set u free or lock u up, ur weak cunt stand on your own 2 feet that's wot a REAL MAN is but they want teach u that boy

  4. Chur bro I hate the Mob… but if they are helping you and your whanau get back on ya feet how can anyone in aotearao… be against this. Kai kaha mah bro… we can all learn

  5. Congrats brother but You been through the same path as everyone else who's joined a whanau group gang, so what makes u any different from the rest of the world? We've all been through hard times but we're all making a change too.

  6. Chur my cousin , living right nextdoor to you , your mum an brothers all our life watching yous grow up ,yous definitely had to grow up fast ,yous were serving at a young age ,you taz ,tame ,an Santana had no choice but to stand on your own two feet , an yeap you definitely held your own an stood your ground cuz , as much as our home town TANEATUA was a shit hole it taught us heaps , I still love our home just not some of the idiots in it,gald your happy cuz ,happy new year to you an your family #cobham

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