Newen Afrobeat – Upside Down (Fela Kuti Cover)

Nueva Arma Producciones y The Golden Touch tenemos el agrado de presentarles a Newen Afrobeat en la Sala Master, despidiendose de Santiago de Chile rumbo a su gira por Sâo Paulo, Brasil 2015, presentando la canción “Upside Down” cover del músico y maestro Africano Fela Kuti.

Cristián Gáspar, Cesar Tapia, Juane Morales

Cristián Gáspar

Alvaro Villalobos



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Comment (35)

  1. The music is excellent, but my wife is on a different continent and I’ve not had ….. for TWO months.
    It can’t just be me who’s having improper thoughts. Those hips man 🙈

  2. you do not want me beside you on the train or the bus once this songs plays. i'm telling you coz my body keep losing it. hahaha mosh pit in a jazz bar??? lols

  3. This is lovely. The energy is very infectious. Kudos to all the band members especially the lead singer and the guy on the keyboard. They were all taken over by the spirit of African beat described by Fela as " The Underground Spiritual Game"

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