Nick Grant Talks ‘Dreamin’ Out Loud’ Album and Takes on The 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

Nick Grant recently dropped his latest work, ‘Dreamin’ Out Loud’. He stopped by Sway In The Morning to talk about it and kills the freestyle over some difficult beats.

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  1. “Niiice pick eeeemm”
    ‘Fuuuuuuuck youuuuuuu”

  2. How come us black people make and set trends, the #1 consumers in ameriKKKa, everybody try to copy and imitate us….BUT we are the one that want to be inclusive and not step on other groups of peoples toes like we need these other groups. We do not need them, ESPECIALLY whites. Sway you foul for that bull shit and you know it.

  3. Nick Grant is dope as shit! I’m kind of disappointed in Sway for reaching. Like damn, let that man honor the black women in his life. He shouldn’t have had to explain or include nothing. We’re always expected to include everyone else even when others don’t include us 🙄. I’m glad Nick Grant is getting more shine non the less ✨

  4. Damn, can black women have anything to themselves? We can't even get a song w/out including hoes of other races….smh

  5. Nick Grant ignore Sway. Thank you for appreciating black women. Why can't Nick write a song appreciating black women? Other ethnic groups are allowed to appreciate their women. I would think Sway would be supportive, but I digress.

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