Nico and Vinz- People

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  1. Nico and Vinz your songs are like converstions. I am an English teacher in The People's Republic of China and I listen to your songs on my earphones every day, on the buses and in the taxis and then I am enveloped by the warmness of Africa. I am then whole again.

  2. French translated:
    “ I can never forget that year back home, my Ivory Coast. We didn’t have much but we were happy. It taught me to not complain but to be good with myself. We’re only human after all, we’re all the same.
    We do good then we do bad, but it’s your choice. “

  3. THATS WHAT HE IS SAYING IN FRENCH ''I could never forget this year back in my country, my Ivory Coast. We didn't have to much but we were happy. This learned me to not complain and accept myself. We all are only humans and all the same. We do good we do bad but its our choice to make!''

  4. Freedom is the most important thing in life is it not? free will and choice. In this modern world, truly how free are we? we wake up Monday- friday at 9am go to work till 5pm come home eat sleep watch TV/Youtube repeat. We dont really have much of an alternative. Freedom isn't freedom is it. What is freedom then? in this world who is truly free?

    do we have frredom of choice? sure we do but the options are made limited by external controls. Now the kind of freedom of choice we have is being allowed to decide between McDonalds and KFC lol

  5. thank you all very much I love Nico and Vinz music its like nothing i have heard before what a great duo Hpe they do well in their careers they sure deserve to .

  6. I'm not sure of the first line, but here is the gist of the French: I never forgot my country, my ivory coast. We didn't have much but we were happy. Then i decided to not worry, but be happy where i am. We're just people, we're all equal. We do right, and then we do wrong. It's a choice.

  7. End of the day where just people, learning live, to love, and to be happy. Try to live out the bad and sad. By the way this is great song😃

  8. Its French

    He says…
    Do not ever forget your country; mine is Cote Divoire.
    It is not the best but it makes me happy.
    I don't understand the small portion after that but I understand the last portion in which he says…
    We are man/ human beings. We do good and we do bad but its a choice.


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