Nipsey Hussle & DJ Premier | Who Detached Us From GOD

Dedicated to the life and memory of the late, great #NipseyHussle, Altered Crates & DJ Tiger present “The Premier Hussle”

DJ Tiger expertly blends Nipsey’s vocals and lyrics over rare and lesser-known production from the legendary DJ Premier to create a unique listening experience. Known for rapping over west-coast inspired production and more modern and trap-style beats, The Premier Hussle finds Nipsey riding over classic Boom-Bap east-coast vibes.

Full project drops tomorrow!

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1 Who Detached Us From GOD
2 Tommy Gunz Again feat. Yung Brodee
3 Forever On Some Premier Shit
4 Preemo Money
5 Mark It Clear feat. Rick Ross
6 Rose Clique, Almost
7 Road Against the Grain
8 Epic Ocean Views
9 Turn Up the Status
10 Inspired To Run A Lap
11 Down As A Great
12 Outro (The Marathon Continues)

All tracks blended by DJ Tiger

Original Artwork used in album art by:

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  1. The insight in this song was already there from Nipsey's word's but Primo added more soul to it. 🤔For the life of me I can't understand why anyone would wanna be a rapper in today's modern standard's of what the media and fake, phony, follower's call hip-hop music if they're not using this song as a lesson and a template of what "D-O-P-E" really is and sound's like…maybe I'm just getting old but the beat's and rhyme's used to matter in hip-hop music because it made you pay attention to everything you were taking in. Listening to this reminded me of BDP's "Love's Gonna Getcha", now everything is over saturated with trap beat's and mindless shit. We needed Nipsey in the culture of hip-hop…God bless your life bro.🙏🏾😑

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