Nitty Scott Elaborates on Sexism in Hip-Hop, Building her Brand + Kicks a Dope Acapella Freestyle!

We’ve been a fan of Nitty Scott for a long time at Sway’s Universe.  Never afraid to speak out and stand up for what she believes in, it was a pleasure to have her in the studio this week to give us an update on things.

Taking an almost 8-month break to re-build her brand from the ground up to put more responsibility on herself, Nitty Scott speaks on learning from mistakes.  So often just being branded as a female MC, Scott elaborates on how sexism has creeped into music.  She emphasizes that no woman should need a male co-sign before she breaks out into a dope freestyle.

Check out the interview and look out for her upcoming project, “Creature,” which is due out in February.

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  1. I love how Nitty upholds & represents her LatinO Culture to the fullest ‼️👍💪🏼& she is so lyrical & sO Nice with the rhymez. I hope she gets hers & blows up cuz she is something special indeed. I don't think labels are seeing how special & talented this woman is. Nicki minaJ or Cardio can come close to her natural beauty❣️I'ma fan Mami, i got all your songs & videO. That coloabO with Joell & Bodega was nitrO💥💣 for whoever missed it. AlsO Chris Rivers & u blew that trapgirl song out the frame, good concept cuz alotta relationships be like that word up 💯‼️

  2. When she spits she makes me think, and paints pictures. In my opinion, shes one of the best female mc's, and much better than most male mc's. I saw Nitty open for Wiz at Webster Hall while writing for The Source – she is amazing, and commands a crowd. Like Trey Songz once said, the music business is 10% music, and 90% business.

  3. nitty ur beautiful as fuck I know u might not get to see these comment but if u do get at me I'm not like these busta ass niggas u might not know me cus I keep my shit on the low but I'm in Texas holla at yo boy got a hook that I know u would love it just needs ur voice don't know how to get at u because I don't fuck with Facebook twitter or any of those social sites

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