Noisia – Shellshock (feat. Foreign Beggars) (Official Video)

Included on Split the Atom: Special Edition
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  1. When you move so fast and strong and able to run on walls by jumps from one to one, like stone jumps on water, your heart beating is changed.

    You see, hear everything slower with rare beats of heart. Breathing is slower as well. Joy you feel is very specific thing. You are in own world. Tiger seeing or hearing such stuff steps back knowing what it means… 😉

  2. It is better to rotate fist to outer part to break helmet.

    – In this case shoulder joint changes its position taking in energy of back and minimizing destruction from kickback. Energy enforces kicking muscles. It is natural mechanism which is used when we stay using hand as support on some table etc. Taking away not used energy from back side directed from co-regions. Natural magic of body. Life. I like it so much as it helps as well to go through body armor by knife and so on. 🙂 If you know it – you put nuclear charges in shape of '8' executing one by one in consequent chain. First circle enforces second significantly. And it looks like small set of crators to bigger. Like some at Moon! It is so amazing, looking nice – colors etc! Isn't it so?! 🙂

  3. Dang, almost all NOISIA's telediscs look so wicked and crazy! It may not be the highest budget (I mean the video, cuz the song is amazingly done), but the effect is still outstanding!

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