nostalgia / work and chill lofi playlist

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The Deli



in love with a ghost


→ →… →

→… →

Lazy Lewis

lil que


Eddie Rohosy


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  1. tracks:
    1. 0:00 5:32 PM – The Deli
    2. 2:12 two of us – dizralph.c
    3. 4:10 Pleasant – Engelwood
    4. 6:38 be your girl – eugene cam
    5. 9:41 flowers- in love with a ghost, ft nori
    6. 13:44 dreaming about you – Jazzinuf
    7. 16:51 egyptian pools – jinsang
    8. 19:02 Summer’s Day [v2] – jinsang
    9. 21:56 Dancing Days – Lazy Lewis
    10. 23:07 paradise shawty – lil que
    11. 24:58 lake.serene – Altitude.
    12. 28:10 Night Ride – Eddie Rohosy

  2. This is dope, I really like how you've embedded the tracklist into the video itself. And because people often put it in the description (the real MVPs) It provides an abundance of security that if we hear an absolute chooon (which I did x3), we'll be able to find it again regardless.

    Tenks bro

  3. Sitting in a café, with a coffee on your table. A journal is open right in front of you. You are writing your goals and daily to-do's as you look out the window and you are happy. You are surrounded by fairy lights as the sun begins to set. The sky is a beautiful purple. You smile. You did it. You made it.

  4. I just ordered a new tea set the other day. It's scheduled to arrive on my birthday. I'm looking forward to chilling with this playing quietly in the background while I relax and drink fresh hot tea.

  5. The deli was what I used to listen to on the bus ride to school. It gets to the point where I can’t listen to it anymore bc it brings back so many bad memories of being depressed.

  6. to the person reading this, do know that everything is gonna be fine. better days will come for you and you don't have to worry a lot anymore. you may struggle a lot but don't let that stop you from reaching your goal in life. just do your best, don't stress yourself too much, go your own pace. you may not know me and i may not know you, but i still care for you. do what you love to do. do what makes you happy. you deserve all the happiness and love in this world. you're doing great, always keep that in mind. have a peaceful day. ♡

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